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“LifeRestoreMD provides individualized medical evaluation and treatment plans for optimization of your lifestyle, body shaping, weight loss and decreasing hormone levels.  No cookie-cutter formulas are applied to any patient.

– Dr. David Behling

Lifestyle and Hormonal Optimization for sexual dysfunction, increased quality of life and well-being, body sculpting and weight loss.​

LifeRestoreMD is a comprehensive state of art medical clinic for men and women 30 years and older who want to be their best as they age.  Using a medically holistic approach, LifeRestoreMD offers state of art hormonal optimization solutions complimented with individually tailored diet and exercise programs.


  • Improve your Quality of Life
  • Increase your Performance
  • Recapture Intimacy
  • Increase your Energy
  • Obtain and Maintain Your:
    • ~ Ideal body weight
    • ~ Ideal body shape
    • ~ Ideal Level of fitness
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Dr. David Behling, MD

Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Erectile Dysfunction
Weight Loss
Body Sculpting
Growth Hormone Therapy    Hydration Therapy

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“Time is your most precious resource…
Let LifeRestoreMD help you make the most of yours”.

– Dr. David Behling